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Konfyt is a sweet accompaniment to food that is enjoyed with bread, and also used in baking and cooking as sweetener.

Ouma Babsie, Marietjie’s grandmother, lived in Onseepkans in the Boesmanland in the North-Western Cape. Because their farm was on the banks of the Orange River it produced top-quality fruit, which Ouma Babsie bottled for the winter months. Her bottled quince left a lasting impression on Marietjie: slices of rosy pink quince preserved in heavy syrup was not something that was easy to come by for city dwellers.

There are two peach trees in our backyard. They produce luscious, juicy sweet yellow peaches, enabling us to make the best peach chutney every autumn, using this recipe.

Marietjie’s mum used to say "I love you as much as fig jam" when she liked someone a lot, and she was right: green fig preserve is lovely with wholegrain bread and butter, irresistible on a cheese platter, and goes very well with buttermilk pudding. The whole preserved figs are also delicious on their own, especially when lovingly served up on cake plates with tea or coffee, as they did in the Old Cape.

This creamy lemon spread will add a soft citrus-zing to cakes, shortbread, scones, pancakes, meringue: the list goes on and on. It is especially good (well, good in a naughty way) when combined with whipped cream to fill tartlets.

As with all classics, there are many ways to made lemon curd. This recipe is our favourite.