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This is Leona’s recipe for caramel biscuits. They are sweet, crispy, and very good, with a lovely caramel flavour. It is one our favourite recipes.

Because the texture and flavour of apple, custard and cinnamon complement each other beautifully, this delightful baked pudding has quickly become one of our favourite winter comforts.
The Dutch have been making Jan Hagel biscuits for at least 400 years. They are thin and flaky, covered with nuts and sugar, but not too sweet, and lightly flavoured with cinnamon. Although Jan Hagels are a popular Christmas biscuit, the Dutch bake them all-year round, and so do we.
Vinegar pudding is a much-loved South African pudding. Its roots can be found in wine pudding, which was made by baking raisin-and-date batter in a syrup made from wine, but somewhere along the way vinegar became the ingredient of choice, and most recipes nowadays omit the fruit too.
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