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Melkkos is a comforting milk and cinnamon dish that can be served as a light breakfast, lunch or evening meal. The name "melkkos" (which means "meal made from milk") doesn't do justice to this wonderful dish that will warm up even the most dismal of winter days.

The old breakfast favourite.

Chicken Liver is tasty and nutritious. Serve it on toast as breakfast, or as a starter.

Dried fruit such as apple rings, apricot, peach, pear, and prune is delicious when stewed. It is a healthy breakfast too, especially if you serve it with natural, unflavoured yoghurt.

New Zealanders will find dried fruit in the bins at your local Countdown Supermarket. (For non-Kiwi readers: a bin is a large container from which you take as much or little as you need. You pay per weight.)