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Ladies, A Plate and A Second Helping

Alexa Johnston

In Ladies, a Plate and A Second Helping, Alexa Johnston combines traditional Kiwi baking recipes with a delightful insight into New Zealands social history.

Ladies, A Plate

Ladies, A Plate takes it's name from the Kiwi custom of taking a plate of home-baking to a function - an appropriate name, considering that the book brings together 80 favourite traditional baking recipes.

The photography deserves a special mention: you will recognise grandmother's crockery, biscuit tins and table linen. The combination of recipes, delightful stories and colourful photographs will take you back in time to drinking tea on Sunday afternoon at gran's.

This book is a keeper.


A Second Helping

Ladies, a Plate proved to be so popular, and the demand for traditional home-baking recipes so high, that Alexa created A Second Helping - More from Ladies, a Plate. This second book has sweet and savoury favourites, and a whole chapter dedicated to home-made sweets.

Snippets of social history are once again included throughout as Alexa pays tribute to the women who contributed recipes to the hundreds of community cookbooks that were published over the past sixty years. Like its predecessor, this beautiful book will be essential in every baker's kitchen and a source of continuing pleasure.